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Examining all of your alternatives is the only way to ensure that you secure the best mortgage deal available for your circumstances.

As we, Walker Wylie Estate Agents, are not regulated to provide mortgage advice we have partnered with Walker Wylie Mortgages who will happily assist you in satisfying your lending objectives.

Let the team at Walker Wylie Mortgages explore the mortgage market to secure the best mortgage product applicable to your unique circumstances. As Walker Wylie Mortgages aren’t restricted to any one lender or collection of lenders, they can investigate all lenders on the market to identify the ideal mortgage solution for you.

So, allow the experts at Walker Wylie Mortgages take the stress out of sourcing a mortgage and allow them to take you through the a to z of the mortgage process, whether you are buying your first house, moving up the property ladder, intending to withdraw some cash from your home for family members to get on the property ladder, or buying an investment property.

Their initial mortgage consultations are cost-free, and because they are entirely independent, they can identify the best solution for you.

They have been advising their clients on all aspects of mortgages for many years so you can trust them to provide you with best advice based on their extensive knowledge of the mortgage market, coupled with their years of experience in financial services.

Walker Wylie Mortgages provide an excellent personal and pleasant service to their customers and endeavour to keep you informed through every stage of the process, whether by email, phone call, or in person.

First Time Buyer

Walker Wylie Mortgages recognise the importance of being able to move quickly and confidently in a fast-paced market.

Don’t bother going to the hassle of contacting your local bank, searching the high street or even browsing the internet for appropriate offers as most of these avenues are limited to their own specific mortgage options. Walker Wylie Mortgages truly provide you with an independent, impartial advice service that ensures that your requirements are always to the fore.


Walker Wylie Mortgages fully understand that as a first-time buyer, you will have a number of queries that need to be answered such as:

  • What deposit will I require?
  • Am I eligible for a mortgage?
  • How do I get accepted for a mortgage?
  • What type of mortgage product is applicable to my circumstances?
  • What is a Home Report?
  • What is the difference between the Home Report valuation and the offered price?
  • Do I need to appoint a solicitor?
  • How do I submit an offer?
  • How long is the process?

Let Walker Wylie Mortgages provide you with the answers and guide you through the a to z of the mortgage process such as consulting with estate agents, solicitors, and surveyors as necessary as well as securing an Agreement In Principle (AIP) with a lender in order that you are good to go once you have identified a suitable property.



Why pay extra by staying on your lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR) once your current deal expires when you can make savings by re-mortgaging or accepting a Product Transfer from your current lender?

Walker Wylie Mortgages provide clients with independent, impartial advice on whether you might cut your interest rate, lessen your monthly payments, unlock equity, or even shorten the duration of your mortgage.



Whatever your purpose for considering a re-mortgage or product transfer, Walker Wylie Mortgages will provide you with genuinely independent and impartial advice when searching the market to secure the best deal available for your circumstances.

Reasons For Remortgaging/Product Transfer


  • Shorten Mortgage Duration – Now may be the right time to take advantage of the current low interest rate environment to reduce the term of your mortgage. By re-mortgaging to a lower rate and keeping your mortgage monthly payments at the same level would mean that your mortgage will be paid off quicker.
  • Consolidate Existing Debt – You may wish to release equity to pay off any existing debts with higher interest rates. After sufficient investigation of your existing debts we can determine if consolidating them is financially advantageous, allowing you to pay back less money over time.
  • Save You Money – You may make savings by lowering your monthly repayments by switching lenders or continuing with your current lender but switching to a different deal (product transfer).
  • Home Improvements – You may wish to release equity to enhance or develop your property.

Walker Wylie Mortgages will help you no matter what the reason is for switching to a new mortgage lender or enacting a product transfer with your current lender.



The desire for rental property remains high in many areas of the country as many individuals struggle to secure mortgage facilities.



Walker Wylie Mortgages can assist you in the quest to secure a buy to let mortgage. However, lenders are stricter in their qualifying criteria which, in turn, makes it more difficult for an individual to secure such a mortgage. Typically, most lenders are asking for deposits as high as 25% of the property value. Furthermore, due to recent legislative changes, you will be required to pay a higher amount of stamp duty on an investment property.

The actual amount a lender is prepared to lend is determined by the rental yield of the property. As a result, before opting for a buy-to-let mortgage, you should do your research and make sure your aspirations are reasonable.

You might also anticipate paying a higher interest rate on a buy to let mortgage than on a residential mortgage, as well as more arrangement costs.


Book a Mortgage Appointment at No Cost

Considering all the options is the key to ensuring that you secure the best mortgage for your own unique personal circumstances.

Walker Wylie Mortgages are ready to explore the entire market to find the best mortgage deal for your circumstances. As they are independent, they aren’t tied to any one lender or collection of lenders, so they can look at all of the options on the market and tailor a solution that is best for you.



It doesn’t matter whether you are buying your first house, moving up the property ladder, intending to withdraw some cash from your home for the next family, or investing in real estate – Walker Wylie Mortgages can help!

Their initial mortgage consultation is FREE, and because Walker Wylie Mortgages are entirely independent, they can create the best solution for you.

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage calculators are online tools that allow users to calculate the monthly payments on an amount borrowed, over a set period of time at a specific interest rate.

The following is such a calculator that will produce monthly payments on the aforementioned basis (please note that this calculator is for illustrative purposes only) –




Repayment Calculator

Get a rough idea of how much your mortgage could cost over it's repayment period.


Please enter the details within the calculator and press the "calculate" button to see the results.

Note: this calculator collects zero data and is run entirely within your web browser. Walker Wylie do not have access to anything typed into the calculator.

Mortgage Protection

It is normally recommended that an individual protect their mortgage in the event of all eventualities such as death, critical illness, as well as in the event they cannot work due to an accident or sickness.

Let our fully qualified and FCA regulated mortgage partners – Walker Wylie Mortgages – discuss this extremely important area with you to ensure that you and your family are fully protected for every eventuality.



Walker Wylie Mortgages is a trading name of Holyrood Asset Management LtdHolyrood Asset Management Ltd are a longstanding firm who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Number 192637). They are fully authorised to provide an advice service in mortgages, protection, pensions and investments.

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