Why Do Estate Agents Ask So Many Questions?

Posted on 19th March 2021 in News

Buying a house can be a stressful, and at times, a frustrating process for both buyers and sellers. As an estate agent, whenever you are instructed by a homeowner to sell their property, you have a duty to conduct the required due diligence on all viewers to ensure the seller is fully versed on the people entering their home. We often get asked by viewers why we request so much information and ask so many questions, so we thought we would take this opportunity to explain a bit further.


To put it simply, the reason we ask so many questions is so that the sellers know the position of any potential buyers. Being armed with the information on whether or not someone has still to sell, and if they have a mortgage in place, has an impact on the decision a seller will make when an offer is made on their property. We understand that when you’re speaking to multiple different agents in a single day, it can get frustrating to answer the same questions over and over again! However, selling a property is often the biggest transaction of a person’s life, so we do our utmost to ensure the seller is clear on the position of all interested parties.


At Walker Wylie, we’re fortunate to work alongside highly experienced mortgage brokers and solicitors so we can help viewers and sellers alike regarding both their funding and conveyancing needs. A quick (and free) chat with our mortgage broker could potentially save you money on your monthly repayments, or even find a mortgage product that suits you better than the one you have in place – so even if you think you have the best deal out there, you never know!


We also work alongside local solicitors who have firsthand knowledge of the Glasgow property market. Their experienced guidance is essential and can make the difference between securing your dream property or not, particularly when the market is so fast paced.


We truly don’t ask questions to pry or to be awkward, we just need to ensure we have the required information to make the whole process as smooth and streamlined as possible, for both sellers and buyers.


Is there an aspect of buying or selling that you’re unsure of? Then please get in touch with us today for any advice you may require.


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