Two years on – what we’ve learned in two years as an independent estate agency in Glasgow

Posted on 14th June 2018 in House Prices

It’s often said that 30% of new businesses fail in their first two years of operating. We’re very grateful to say that this wasn’t our story, in fact, two years on Walker Wylie continues to flourish and grow every month as a Glasgow based estate agency.

From 2016 till now

Having both worked in the Glasgow property sales market since the late 2000s, we had long harboured a desire to offer a better way to sell in Glasgow. We both worked for many years at a senior level, selling homes across the city, regularly exceeding home report valuations and customers expectations. We are both people’s people, and care deeply about our customers and their results.

In 2016 we finally realised our dream and years of passion and hard work came to fruition, when our independent estate agency Walker Wylie was born.

Two years on, we wanted to share what we’ve learned, about working together, working for ourselves and working hard for each of our customers, to ensure they receive the highest quality of service and results, for a fair and upfront price.

Double trouble

Going from working in a large team, to a duo of two did seem at some points, a daunting prospect. It became clear from the outset that there would be an awful lot of coffee making involved. However, as the team continues to expand, and the biscuit rota was settled, it’s been fairly plain sailing since then.

It’s pretty obvious that working together well is an absolute prerequisite for anyone founding a company together. We knew for a long time that we worked exceptionally well together and that our dynamic is really strong. This is largely down to us sharing fundamental values about how we do business.

And onto the next two…

We are under no illusions that success only comes with the right amount of talent and passion, and a lot of hard work. We have no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. We have successfully increased our listings and sales every quarter so far, and coming into our third year, we are focusing on continuing our growth, offering an alternative to traditional high street agencies and remote online conglomerates.

Our team is continuing to grow, as we take on new team members to support our business and we are currently investing in our branding and marketing, bringing these in-line with our values and mission as we face our next two years and beyond, with confidence, pride and thanks to everyone who has supported us.

Our three essentials for a successful first two years

  • Trust, honesty and integrity – having trust and honesty between business partners is essential, and just as important is treating each of our customers with the same respect – it’s a no brainer for us.
  • Transparent, straightforward, upfront – our pricing model matches our personalities: upfront and straight to the point. We don’t waste time trying to confuse our customers or hide our prices.
  • Experienced, talented, knowledgeable – with the best of intentions if you don’t have the know-how, experience and talent, it won’t work. But if you do – then go for it!

We’ve got a solid footing going into the next two years and well beyond that! We aim to be your go-to estate agency in Glasgow.

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