To Sell Or Not To Sell?

Posted on 3rd November 2021 in News

Many people think that when it hits the tail end of the year it’s too late to sell property – especially before Christmas. Doubts can play on people’s minds such as “the listing to sold process can take months” or “Christmas is around the corner, so no one is going to want to buy a house”. Then there is the inevitable “Are we better off waiting until next year now? In this blog, we discuss the options to help you decide what’s best for you.

After New Year, the property market doesn’t normally pick up again until the end of January / beginning of February, therefore, this side of Christmas could be a good time to sell your home. Buyers are desperate to secure a property before the year is out and will often pay a premium. Even if they don’t manage to move in for Christmas, they crave spending the festive period picking furniture and telling friends and family about their future new home.

However, If the thought of selling this side of the year fills you with dread, then waiting until January isn’t the worst thing. People are often gifted money at Christmas and are keen to put it toward securing a new home. Many also make New Year resolutions which can include moving house, meaning January can be a great time to get your property on the market.