The Walker Wylie Difference

Posted on 26th September 2018 in News

Since 2016, Walker Wylie has been changing the way people have been selling property in Glasgow.  With a whole host of estate agents out there, here we explain how Walker Wylie are different, and how we believe we deliver the best value for money and professional service available in and around the city.

How do we differ from online only agencies?

Online estate agencies, who generally cover the UK as a whole, and employ remote workers to carry out property sales in their area, promise low fixed fees and quick sales.

How are we different?  Well the main difference is – we’re not online only – and we’re not remote.  Walker Wylie are based in Glasgow, and our office is in central Glasgow.  Unlike online agencies, who often don’t even have a phone number and only communicate via email or online chat, we are here in person or on the phone whenever you need us.

We’ve also got over 20 years experience selling property in the Glasgow market.  Whereas when selling through an online only agent, you may not meet the representative selling your property, and generally might not know anything about their history – you can be assured that we have an exceptional proven track record of ground breaking sales across our city.

The last key difference between ourselves and online only agencies, is that we are with you throughout the whole process.  While many online agencies don’t incentivise staff for a sale – only for getting the property on the market – leading to a lack of interest in whether the property sells, or for how much profit, we couldn’t be more different.  We are invested in your property sale from the outset, work tirelessly to ensure you get a sale price above and beyond your expectations, and will see you through to completion.

We genuinely care about our customers, and as a local independent business, you can trust us when we say that your property sale price means as much to us as it does to you.

How are we different from big high street agencies?

Property sold

So whilst the differences are obvious between the Walker Wylie approach and a regular online only estate agency outfit, what does that mean when it comes to how we differ from the large high street estate agencies out there?

The difference between us and them, is our pricing model.  Walker Wylie’s pricing is transparent and fixed – we never charge commission, and regardless of the value or selling price of your home – you will pay the same fixed sales price.  In contrast, many traditional high street estate agents charge  commission, meaning the more your property sells for, the more you need to pay out to your agents.

Other than pricing, you will find we provide the same professional service, the same expert advice and work, and the same level of knowledge and know-how, as any of the large estate agencies in and around Glasgow.

In fact, we believe we are even better because we provide a true personal touch to each of our clients.  We really value the trust that comes when someone chooses us to sell their home, and invest every thing we have to ensure the sale price exceeds the expectations of our customers, which it does, time and again.

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