The easy way to de-clutter for Christmas

Posted on 21st November 2018 in News

Read our simple tips to help you avoid a clutter catastrophe over the festive period.

 1. Make space for Santa  If you’ve got kids, it’s pretty certain that clutter is a part of your life.  Before Santa delivers a truck load of new toys, go through what they already have, box by box, shelf by shelf, and be ruthless.  Have two bags, one to bin anything broken, or that came free from a magazine for example.  The second for donations to charity – it’s the perfect time of year to let those no longer played with toys have a second lease of life.




 2. Remove your clothes clutter.  It’s not just the kids that are clutter creators – go through your own wardrobe – again, be brutal and bin anything that is damaged beyond repair.  Anything that you haven’t worn for six months should be donated to charity.





 3. Don’t take the shine away from your Christmas decs.  Take a look at your living spaces, and consider how the Christmas tree and decorations will fit in.  If you have lots of ornaments and decorations already taking up space, you are heading for overload.  Less is more, so let your tree take centre stage by removing any unnecessary ornaments – even pictures.  Box up anything you will use again and pop it away in storage.  Again, its a good opportunity to donate anything you no longer need.




 4. Do your digital duty.  Clearing out is good for the soul, and nowadays we have a lot of digital clutter as well as the physical type.  Spend an hour when you’re cosied up on the sofa organising your photos on the laptop, switching offline bills to online and deleting old files you no longer need.  Your letter box will be freed up for Christmas cards and you’ll be filled with a sense of calm.




 5. Make room for festive treats.  Christmas is largely about food, so with mince pies and chocolates on their way in, its a great time to get right to the back of the kitchen cupboards and get rid of anything that is lurking and out of date.  If you have multiple tins and packets and want to create some space it’s a great chance to donate much needed supplies to your local foodbank.





(All images from Unsplash)