The Buyer’s Market Has Changed

Posted on 10th November 2021 in News

Experiencing difficulties securing an offer on a new home?

Today’s housing market conditions are unlike any I’ve witnessed during my 15 years’ experience as an estate agent. As with most high value commodities, supply and demand is the central driver of price.

Exploring how we have arrived in such a post pandemic property market, is for another day – let’s just conclude, it’s a very challenging market conditions for buyers.

Back to my opening question, could you benefit from help in securing a new home?

Positioning ourselves as a ‘boutique style’ agency allows us to promote a more client focused approach. We prefer to play the longer game and the proportion of our new instructions deriving from ‘recommendations’, proves this point time and time again.

The fact remains, the majority of home movers will not market their existing property, until they have secured an offer on their new home.

When invited to value a prospective clients property, we take a different approach to our competitors.

Firstly, we acknowledge we’ve been invited to provide information, not just to conduct a sales pitch. And secondly, we’ll advise on the most appropriate strategy for helping you to move home, yes that’s right, help you move home, rather than just trying to persuade you to sell your existing property.

And there’s the difference, and while it may not be so apparent at first glance, our take on moving home has greatly helped many of our clients to secure a successful offer on their dream new home, and then, realise this dream with the thoughtfully executed sale of their existing home.

Moreover, we strive to help first time buyers with experienced guidance on what to offer on a given property?, what solicitor to instruct? and have you really secured the most appropriate mortgage product?

While many of our competitors views the first time buyer as someone with no property to sell, we value first time buyers as the corner stone of the house market, as todays buyer is tomorrows seller.

Does our mutually beneficial strategy start to make sense now?

For those weary buyers out there right now, how many closing dates have you lost out on? And would you value the helping hand of an agency who will utilise all their experience and knowledge to give you that little advantage over other buyers?

The Glasgow property market is smaller than most think, and a combined 30 years’ experience between myself and my co-owner, can make all the difference. After all, isn’t it often a case of who you know rather than what you know?

Contact me direct on 0141 404 1333 or at stuart@walkerwylie.co.uk to discuss you’re tailored made strategy to successfully moving home.