Neighbourhood focus: why I love living in Battlefield

Posted on 1st July 2019 in News

There are lots of fantastic neighbourhoods across Glasgow. We hear more about living in Battlefield, Southside in this blog and why one of our co-founders Stuart loves it here so much. Follow our quickfire questions and learn more about the area, including the best place for coffee (vital) and some hidden gems.


Stuart, you’ve been living in Battlefield, Southside for 17 years. Tell us more about the neighbourhood – what’s the best thing to do with the kids?  

Take a walk down to the local library on Sinclair Drive to browse through the books while my daughter masters her colouring-in skills. She loves it there and could stay there for hours!


How would you spend a rainy day?

We usually opt to stay indoors if it’s a horrible day! But for something slightly further afield then make your way to the Transport Museum which is a great day out.


I’m guessing Sundays are pretty precious to you, as you work Monday through to Saturday. What’s the best way to make the most of a lazy Sunday?

A long walk in the morning through either Newlands or Queens Park while stopping off on the way home for the Sunday newspapers. Then cosy up on the sofa in the afternoon watching a movie. Nothing beats it!


What’s the highlight of the year in terms of community events?

An easy one! The Battlefield Street Party which usually takes place in June…..check out the Battlefield Community Project Facebook page for further details. It’s always such a great atmosphere with something for everyone.


Like most of us, we know you’re a fan of coffee. What’s your best coffee recommendation?

Now that is genuinely a difficult one! We tend to frequent a number of cafes with Wanamoka and Lite Bite being our favourites.


What’s the best summer activity for you?

We are blessed with a number of excellent public parks including Newlands Park, Queens Park and Holmlea Park. All offer a fantastic outdoor experience and are the perfect way to enjoy a summers day.


Why did you move here, over other areas of Glasgow?

To be honest, we came here by accident about 17 years ago when we first moved to the city and bought our first flat. We were initially drawn to the area as we saw a property for sale for £50,000 which was our maximum budget and have since moved several times within the surrounding area. We loved it so much and didn’t want to move away.


What would you say to someone considering a move here?

Do your research – it has to be right for you. But I think you’ll find it is a fantastic area with a lot to offer.


And finally, tell us about a hidden gem in Battlefield?

It has to be the Battlefield Rest as the food is fantastic and service is amazing. Well worth the visit.


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