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Posted on 20th February 2019 in News

In this blog, we meet Barry and Stuart – the Walker and the Wylie who founded Walker Wylie Estate Agents back in 2016. In this blog find out about how they’re doing things a little differently, what they love most about the city of Glasgow and their true feelings towards bathroom carpets…

Hello Barry, Hello Stuart! So, tell us – why did you set up Walker Wylie and what makes you different to all those other estate agents out there?


Well, I think the first thing to say is that we love Glasgow and we love helping people buy and sell property in and around Glasgow. Both Stuart and I have been doing this job for over ten years and we grew up here. The great thing about this job is that it allows you to combine helping people make a change in their lives – moving is stressful – with our passion for the city of Glasgow.

But it’s true to say we felt there was a better, more straight forward way to sell property – a way that was more aligned to what buyers and sellers both needed from the process…


We were seeing a growth in online estate agents promising low fees and quick sales, but they employ remote workers who aren’t physically “there” to support clients. And we were also seeing agents charging a fee upfront, motivated by high commission, meaning the more your house sells for the more clients were having to pay agents.

We felt there was a sweet spot in the middle – a model which combined the best aspects of both these approaches. We think buying and selling properties is a big deal and that clients need a local expert by their side, so we’re there for our clients every step of the way – on the phone, face to face. But we also know how important it is to have some clarity on how much selling your home is going to cost you at what can be an expensive point in your life – so we only charge our fee, which is a fixed amount, after we’ve sold your property.


We do genuinely care about doing things a little differently and we feel we’ve found a better way to sell property for our clients, and that’s after twenty years’ in the business between us! Our clients love it and we’ve achieved some great success with this approach in the almost three years we’ve been operating.

Tell us about your relationship with Glasgow


I grew up on a farm about 40 miles outside Glasgow, came here 18 years ago and never left! I live in Battlefield but am all over Glasgow with the job. I love this city. It’s the people, the sense of community and that it’s a fantastic place for families, professionals, students, retired folk, kids – and everyone in between!


Ditto what Stuart said there. I’m a proud Glaswegian through and through, and love how my job takes me all over the city. I’m partial to taking a snap or two of our great city while I’m out and about as well, in all the different neighbourhoods. I live in the West End now, was born on the Southside and have lived here all my life, so I know these streets well.


Best thing about the city and what’s your favourite thing to do on a Saturday?  


Everybody knows Glaswegians are renowned for our friendliness and I truly believe that’s what makes Glasgow such a special place to live and raise a family. Not to mention the outstanding architecture surrounding us on a daily basis, and the fantastic shopping and entertainment within the city centre and beyond.

Once we finish up work on a Saturday it is back to spend time with my wife and our daughter, who insist on being out and about. So it’s long walks in the beautiful parks we are blessed to have in the Southside followed by a quick stop off for a coffee and scone at one of many coffee shops. Then straight home to cook our must have ‘Saturday Steak Night’ which is the only time I get the chance to cook all week!


The diverse culture and friendly atmosphere throughout the city. Great shopping, coffee shops, restaurants. On a Saturday we love going to the Botanical Gardens in the West End, then to Loop and scoop for churros and ice cream.

Tell us about the first property you bought – we’re being nosey…


My wife and I bought our first flat together on Dundrennan Road in Battlefield. We thought it was amazing when we viewed – but were then horrified when we set foot inside for the first time as owners. It was empty and looking unloved. Needless to say, after a wee bit of TLC and some furniture the place looked great.


I will never forget the first property we bought back in 2003 on Cartside Street in Battlefield. It wasn’t much of a looker and had no heating, no double glazing and didn’t even have a kitchen! And my personal favourite…. it had a carpet in the bathroom which extended half way up both sides of the walls! But that said, we moved in straight away and renovated the property ourselves – it got us on the property ladder.

If you had one piece of advice for anyone looking to sell their property, what would you say?


Find an estate agent you trust, go with your gut feel – are they just interested in you as a way to earn more commission and meet their targets? Or do they genuinely care about helping you out? Go with your instinct – I know estate agents can get a bad reputation but some of us really care about helping people through the process of buying and selling property.


I’m totally with what Barry said there, but also making sure your agent knows the market and how to target your property to the right sort of buyer. Local expertise is a must for this – never under estimate the value of local knowledge!


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