How does Scotland measure up in the international property league?

Posted on 13th July 2018 in House Prices

With world cup fever nearly coming to an end, we’ve taken a look at how the final four countries fair in the world cup of property. Based on statistics from 2017, the top four countries average house sales prices work out as follows:

1. England £216,227

2. Belgium £198,616

3. France £198,212

4. Croatia £140,497

The UK overall has seen a continuing steady rise in average sales prices across the board, and while many regional variations tell a slightly different story, England may be out of the World Cup itself, but it firmly tops the leader board here.

The average house prices in Scotland last year sat at £150,105, putting us just above football finalists Croatia. The Scottish market is buoyant, and with a predicted rise of around 20% to come in the next five years, we are fairly confident that we will be making our way up the leader board by the time the next World Cup rolls around.

Let’s just hope we also make an appearance on the football pitch as well!

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