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Posted on 23rd April 2020 in News

It’s at times like this when we all struggle to find the right words to truly convey just how much our lives have changed during our nation’s battle against Covid-19.

I have tried to resist using the buzz word ‘unprecedented’ but it’s difficult to avoid, as it seems the only term that accurately describes our current plight.

Although Walker Wylie remains available for those requiring advice on all housing-related matters, we understand that for the majority of us, our priorities will have changed significantly.

The hardship being experienced across the nation is clear for everyone to see as we all struggle in one way or another with the effects of 5 consecutive weeks of lockdown.

One of the biggest challenges for households is adding teacher to your already demanding work and home commitments.

In one of our previous posts in the run-up to the 2 week Spring Break, we pulled together a few ideas on how to keep busy and active whilst still maintaining responsible social distancing to continue keeping everyone safe.

I’m fortunate enough that my wife is a primary school teacher which has meant home schooling has not been quite as daunting for us.

While we fully appreciate teachers across the country are trying their best to maintain each child’s education remotely, this still presents challenges for both them and parents.

In light of this, we hope you find the following information an additional aid to help support home learning resources you’re currently receiving.

With home schooling having now resumed this week, we thought it helpful to recommend the following resources which may make your new role as home teacher that little bit easier.

Hopefully, you might just find a little gem amongst the information below which strikes a chord with you and your child and helps make learning more fun.

This is a fantastic resource that has hundreds of arts and craft ideas guaranteed to keep your family busy! They are currently offering a months free subscription.

This is a great website that covers all curricular areas. Its Maths resources and games are particularly useful.

A variety of lessons, quizzes and games can be found on this website which aims to make maths as fun as possible.

A fantastic resource which is currently offering free access to all pupils. The great thing about Sumdog is that it sets questions appropriate to the individual child.

Glasgow’s On-Line Library service provides free access to online books, (including audio books) comics and magazines for children of all ages.

This can be used to help with revision and learning. There are lots of videos, step-by-step guides, activities and quizzes. They are currently offering 3 daily lessons for home schooling.

Doorway online is a collection of free and highly accessible education games that learners can use independently.

This is especially good for Maths and computing and can be accessed without an account. They have also included a suggested daily schedule to help home schooling.

Oxford Owl for home has free resources, advice and games as well as a free e-book library for 3-11 year olds.

In line with the rest of the nation we would like to thank and acknowledge the heroic work of all our front line workers who’s efforts should never be forgotten.

Finally, we urge everyone to continue to follow the social distancing regulations in place that tell us to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.