Getting Ready To Sell

Posted on 16th April 2021 in News

We’ve written previously about what steps to take if you’re buying a house, and how to get your home ready for viewers once it’s on the market – but what if you’ve just decided that it’s time to sell your house and you’re not sure where to start? Today we’ve taken a look at where best to begin if you’ve decided that it’s time to get your property on the market.


Get valuations carried out

Speak to a few different agents and arrange appointments for them to come along and value your property. Not every agent will charge the same amount – remember that cheapest isn’t always best! Have a good chat with the agent that comes to your property and get a feel for who you think will be the best fit. Most agents will be able to arrange home reports for you directly with independent surveyors which will save you a task. Make sure to ask the agent at the valuation if this is a service they can offer.


Instruct a solicitor

An estate agent will sell your property, but a solicitor is the person that’s going to get your sale over the line. Chat with a few different solicitors and get quotes from each, remember that some will charge more than others, meaning costs will add up over the course of your sale. Be sure to clarify this before you pick a solicitor, and remember again, cheapest isn’t always best! Picking the right solicitor is crucial to making sure your sale completes in a timely manner, and the right solicitor will make the whole process feel seamless for you.


Get your photographs taken and marketing material ready

The photographs are the main part of your marketing material, so make sure you have your house looking the way you want the world to see it before your agent comes round. Once the photographs have been taken, your agent will get a brochure put together for you for your approval with your description and photographs – make sure to tell them if there is anything you’re unhappy with, we’re here to make your life easier.


Let your agent get to work

Once you have approved your marketing materials, your agent will agree an asking price with you and get your property on the market. For more information on setting the right asking price, have a look at our blog post on the subject here! When your property goes online your agent will send out the home report to anyone who requests it and start to arrange viewings. From there, they will work to get you the best offer possible – you may even get a closing date.


Know your plans for moving forward

Once your property goes online, with current market conditions and the right agent in place, it likely won’t take long before you have an offer on the table. At the point of putting your property online, it’s important to know your plans moving forward. When an offer is accepted the keys are usually handed over to the new owners about 8 weeks later, so make sure you’ll have somewhere to stay if you don’t find another property you love before then!


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