Blog – 7 tips for a stress-free house move

Posted on 20th May 2019 in News

You’ve sold your property and found your next home – it’s all plain sailing from here, isn’t it?

We all know the answer to this is a resounding, “erm no!”. From packing up to paperwork, de-cluttering to cleaning – there’s a lot of planning that goes into every house move, even if you’re just moving up the street.

Follow our Walker Wylie approved top tips below and you’ll be half-way to cutting out some of the stress.

Tip 1 – make a list

Guaranteed to make you feel better (or is it just us?), make sure you’re realistic about the number of different things you need to sort in the run up to the move – and allow yourself plenty of time too. Spread out the jobs, make sure your family or housemates all have their share of responsibilities. Moving is a big deal for everyone involved!

Tip 2 – pick a removals company, even if moving day is months off

No one wants to be roping in their brother’s mates on moving day at the last minute, particularly if your move is a big one. Give yourself peace of mind and make sure you get the professionals in. Source some quotes, check their availability and ask about their policy for damaged items. A credible company will provide a professional response to all these questions. We think it’s a price worth paying, they will be handling your worldly possessions after all.

Tip 3 – declutter in advance

Give to charity, sell on pre-loved sites, hold a car-boot sale or see if friends are looking for things you don’t need anymore. There are so many ways to get rid of the things you own but don’t need anymore – why move all these belongings just to sit in another attic? The less stuff you have, the easier it will be to pack up.

Tip 4 – don’t put your head in the sand about paperwork

Make a list of ‘urgent/important/nice to have’ places where you need to change your address (unless you’re a machine, you’ll never get through the full list!). Use the Royal Mail forwarding service so you continue to receive post that goes to your previous address. Ideally, create electronic copies of critical documents such as birth certificates and wills.

Tip 5 – make a packing plan

Give yourself plenty of time to pack – it always takes longer than you think. Start with the rooms you use least and don’t hold back from labelling the box with the room you want it to go into at your new property. Make a note of key items on the outside of the box too. No one wants to be hunting for hairdryers and toothbrushes on day 1 at your new abode.

And don’t forget to get the following in: masking tape; bubble wrap; old newspapers, markers and labels as you prep for packing.

Tip 6 – it’s cool to clean

If you possibly can, try to arrange an overlap between moving out and moving in, giving you time to clean your new property thoroughly and assess its condition fully, creating a snagging list as you go along. Pack your cleaning products separately, and be ready with that elbow grease!

 Tip 7 – pack a moving day survival kit

Phone chargers, toiletries, snacks – all essential stuff that you don’t want to be rummaging through 30 boxes for at the end of an exhausting day. Keep your moving day survival kit separate, away from the removals company if you’ve hired one.

And don’t forget a bottle of fizz for when you do finally get into the new property and sit down (on the floor of course)…


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