Lockdown 2.0

Posted on 9th November 2020 in News

Following the announcement of a second lockdown in England until 2nd December, a lot of uncertainty has followed in Scotland. Our vendors and our buyers have all been left to wonder – what would another lockdown mean for my sale/purchase?

The good news is that in England, the housing market is to remain open throughout the period of lockdown. In short, this means that estate agents can carry on with business as normal for the time being. Valuers will be able to visit homes to list them as for sale, surveyors will be able to go out to properties to carry out valuations and prospective buyers will still be able to view. This is a big contrast compared to the end of March, when the housing market was shut down practically overnight, leaving buyers and sellers unsure as to the fate of their sales and purchases.

While all agents are likely breathing a sigh of relief in England, it leaves the question – what will happen to the housing market in Scotland should the First Minister decide a second lockdown is necessary to slow the spread of the virus?

Unfortunately, the answer remains somewhat of an enigma for now, but the situation in England certainly gives hope to all those planning a move that despite the very real possibility of another lockdown, there is a good chance they will be able to continue on their home move journey unencumbered. Unfortunately, as seems to be the case most of the time these days, nothing is confirmed.

Truthfully, no one knows what is going to happen in the coming days and weeks. However, the possibility of having to close our doors again has lingered on all our minds and knowing that despite the current situation the English market has been allowed to continue, has given us hope.

Estate agents across the country have put in place protective measures for staff and clients in a bid to keep things moving. Whether this is by fitting Perspex screens at desks or limiting the numbers of viewers allowed into properties at any given time, agents up and down the country are doing their utmost to keep everyone safe. No one can confirm what will happen if the country is to shut down again, but what we can and will do, is our utmost to prevent that from happening.


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