5 things you need to know for a successful property search

Posted on 10th May 2018 in Property sales

House-hunting can be a daunting experience, when emotions run high and big decisions are at stake. With over 10 years experience managing property sales in the West End of Glasgow, Barry Walker, co-founder of Walker Wylie Estate Agents, shares his top tips to ensure your home buying journey runs smoothly, and ends with you walking through the door of the home of your dreams.

1) Don’t be fooled by flashy marketing

Images sell homes, and good photos let you see the key rooms from a few angles, and understand how the property is laid out, as well as how each room looks individually. If photographs are taken from a very high or very low angle, it could be an attempt to alter the reality of the room. The property could still be worth viewing, but bear in mind you could be faced with a property that isn’t quite the one you imagined if a lot of the photographs seem to be taken from a highly exaggerated angle.

2) Create a criteria list and stick to it

When you are searching for a new home, in order to avoid spending time viewing properties that are far from what you are looking for, sit down and pull together a checklist. Include up to five ‘must-haves’ and up to five ‘must not haves’ and use it to set online filters and eliminate or shortlist any properties that you find.

3) But remember that compromise isn’t always a negative

Although sticking to your criteria is key to staying focussed, in some markets, an element of compromise might be necessary. If you have been searching for months and keep finding one thing wrong with the properties you view it might be time to re-examine your criteria and identify where you are happy to compromise to get the home you want. Perhaps you need to expand the area you are searching in, or give up on-street parking in favour of a large garden. As long as the fundamentals are right, relaxing in one area could bring you closer to the property that is right for you.

4) Utilise the experts

The estate agent showing you a property is a hive of information, so make the most of the time on your visit by asking the right questions and building up your knowledge on the property. Finding out how long the property has been on the market and the level of interest can give you an idea about expected offer value. While asking about neighbours, insulation and transport links can help build a picture about what living in the property would actually be like. A good estate agent wants to find the right person for their property and will be happy to answer any questions you have.

5) Go with your gut

Many people talk about a property having to have the ‘right feel’ and this intuitive reaction to a home cannot be underestimated. Most people have a negative or positive reaction to a property in the first few seconds of entering. Listen to your instinct and pay attention to what its telling you. If you feel a bit down or disinterested, it may not be the one for you, but if you start picturing where you’d place your furniture and feel uplifted and content – it might be time to get in touch with your bank!

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