5 Steps to Being Ready for a Move

Posted on 11th December 2020 in News

As we get ready for what looks like being a busy start to 2021, we know many people aren’t sure where to start with the purchase of their first property or with their first time buying and selling – so where should you begin?


Think about what you want and need from a new home

As simple as it sounds, sit down and have a think about exactly what you need from your new home. Think about the size, the style and things you don’t want. Having a clear idea in your head about what you need will make browsing through property portals and speaking to agents that much easier.


Register with estate agents and property portals

Once you have a clear idea in your head of what kind of home you are looking for, call around your local estate agents and ask to be put onto their mailing list. Not every agent uses the same online portals so by registering directly with the agent it means that no property will fall through the cracks! Registering online with portals like Rightmove and Zoopla as well is also a good idea, as there may be some agents advertising on the sites that you haven’t already registered with.


Speak to a mortgage advisor

Speaking to a mortgage advisor can either make or break your potential purchase. The sooner you can speak to an advisor, the better. Knowing exactly how much you are able to borrow will help you set your thresholds when looking online, and you’ll also know how much you could afford to pay above Home Report value if you had competition for your perfect property. The mortgage market is possibly the busiest it has been in several years, so the sooner you speak to someone, the better.


Instruct a solicitor

Having the right solicitor is a crucial part of any sale and purchase. It’s important to have someone that you trust working with you, as it’s the solicitor that gets your sale and purchase over the finish line. Speak to different solicitors and look at independent reviews of different firms to make sure you’re making the right choice for you.


Get your own property ready for sale

If you’ve still to sell your own property, now is the time to get someone out to carry out a valuation for you. An experienced valuer will not only be able to give you the value but will be able to advise you on any touch ups they think would be beneficial to your sale.


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